The Race for Equality in Education: Perspectives on addressing racism and promoting inclusivity in schools

Local Educators’ Panel:

  • Julie Walters-Nisbett, The City of Leicester College
  • Robert Howell, Judgemeadow Community College
  • Riyaz Laher, Madani Schools Federation
  • Camille London Miyo, OBE, The Lancaster School

Julie Walters-Nisbett, Achievement Coordinator – Year 11 and 7, The City of Leicester College and Chair Black Teachers’ Network

The Big Question: How can black and minority ethnic teachers be involved in the next curriculum review to ensure that it reflects the diversity of the global majority in the UK?

Robert Howell, Head of Department (Religious Studies), Judgemeadow Community College

The Big Question: How do we ensure that teachers adhere to anti-racist practice in the classroom and that they are intentional about confronting racism in education?

Riyaz Laher, Head Teacher, Madani Schools Federation

The Big Question: How do we broadening the educational approach in order to confront racism in education? Exploring issues of identity, perspective, privilege, oppression, and activism.

Camille London Miyo, OBE, Head of English, The Lancaster School and Vice-President of the Leicester National Education Union

The Big Question: What part does the current status of the teaching profession play in attracting or deterring people from minority ethnic backgrounds to the profession?

(Do minority ethnic teachers hold alternative perceptions of professionalism, which perhaps make teaching more or less attractive to them?)

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