Radical Pedagogies: Macpherson 20 Years on

Panel Session

  • Gurnam Singh, Coventry University
  • Kiran Satti, Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust
  • Kamna Patel, University College London

The main focus of this year’s Radical Pedagogies conference, marking the 20th anniversary of the Macpherson report, will be on how radical pedagogies can be used to highlight and address issues relating to race and institutional discrimination. The parallel streams will share a range of voices, covering themes such as:

  • Challenging Institutional Racism in Education
  • Radical Pedagogies in Practice
  • Against the Attainment Gap
  • Decolonisation in Practice
  • Narrating Raced and Gendered Experiences in Education

To conclude this portion of the conference, our panel reflected on some of the issues from the day and spoke to the topic of the conference from their own perspectives.

Gurnam’s reflections on the day

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